The Stator Gator

Installation of the Stator Gator RC Series

This gator is a "Plug and Play" governor sensor designed to be used on Zenoah RC series engines.

Gently pry out the kill switch and wires just far enough to have the terminal outside the engine. Disconnect the kill switch because it will not be used.

Adapter Installation: Plug the red wire into the spade nearest the red dot. Plug the black wire into the unmarked spade. Gently work the adapter and wires back into the engine until it snaps into place.

NOTE: Some newer engines have the polarity reversed. Swap the wires if you have trouble reading rpm or getting a sensor OK light on the Revlock SG version.

Plug the servo type lead into the GV-1 sensor slot. Sensitivity will not display on the GV-1.

Mount the RC gator with foam tape (away from antenna) and route wires away from excessive heat and chafing areas.

Follow the manufacturer's directions for governor setup.