The Stator Gator

Installation of the Stator Gator EI Series

This gator is a "Plug and Play" governor sensor designed to be used on Zenoah gas G26EI electronic ignition motors.

Gently unplug the ignition and the engine sensor connection and then plug the stator gator "T" in between those plugs.

Next, plug the servo type plug into the GV-1 governor sensor port. Sensitivity will not display on the GV-1.

RPM will display when the motor is running. Be sure to set up your GV-1 according to the manufacturer's recommendations for your particular heli.

Mount the EI gator with foam tape (away from antenna) and route wires away from excessive heat and chaffing areas.

NOTE: If you are using an after-market ignition, then be sure that the black, red, and white wires are lined up together properly between the "T" and the ignition connectors. This is only necessary with some types of after-market ignitions.

This unit will work with different governors, not just the GV-1.